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8 Mother's Day Cocktails That She Will Love

Mother’s Day is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the women in our lives than with cocktails? Whether it’s your mum, grandma, aunt or any maternal figure, treating them to a delicious cocktail is a great way of showing just how much you care. Planning a special dinner, or hosting a cosy gathering? Surprise her with these mouth-watering cocktails that are sure to bring a smile to her face. 

From classic favourites to fruity fusions to bubbly delights, we’ve mixed up a selection of cocktails that will make her Mother’s Day truly unforgettable. Let’s shake things up and toast to mum’s & mum-like figures everywhere. 

Peach Bellini 

A Peach Bellini Cocktail is the perfect bubbly treat to add some sparkle to your celebrations. Refreshing, delicious and simple to make, this cocktail is sure to impress anyone. 

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Caipirinha Cocktail 

Bursting with vibrant green hues and a zesty flavour profile that'll transport you straight to sunny shores, this drink is a true taste sensation. It’s no wonder it’s known as the best Cachaca cocktail in the world! 

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Add a splash of zest to your day with the classic Margarita Cocktail. Bursting with tangy citrus flavours and a hint of tequila, a Margarita never fails to deliver a fiesta in a glass. 

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Mojito Cocktail

Packed with minty goodness, a dash of soda water and a healthy dose of rum, this delightfully refreshing Mojito Cocktail is sure to transport you both to a beach paradise. 

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Honey Blossom Fizz

A cheeky honey and passion fruit fizz with an appearance that’s particularly pleasing on the eye. This recipe combines rich notes of caramel and vanilla, balanced with that desirable tropical sharpness.

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Chocolate espresso martini

This classic cocktail just got a twist of extra sweetness with a big dollop of chocolatey yumminess! Celebrate with a real grown up chocolate treat this Mother’s Day. 

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Fresh as lime mocktail 

Our Fresh As A Lime Mocktail is bursting with flavour and perfect for any occassion. Think sweetness of a strawberry daiquiri mixed with a tangy twist of a margarita and a zesty splash of lemonade all in one.  

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Verdita Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

A wonderfully fresh, light and non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by the vibrant flavours of Mexico. Infused with Mango, mint, cucumber & pineapple, this delightful mix is a perfect way to add a touch of tropical flair to your day.

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