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Gin is one of the most used spirits when it comes to cocktails. Its popularity has also grown in recent years, breaking away from its reputation as the go-to tipple for the “elder” crowd.

Far from being reserved for a simple G&T, did you know that a huge proportion of the world’s beloved classic cocktails are made with gin? The list includes the Martini, Gimlet, Negroni, Tom Collins, Singapore Sling, Aviation Cocktail, Monkey Gland and far beyond.

Keep reading for a highlight reel of Funkin’s favourite cocktails to make with gin!



Lots of people claim to dislike gin, citing a single experience they had with its sometimes harsh or “medicinal” flavour profile. 

This is a bit like claiming you don’t like hot sauce, when there’s an exhaustive range of options out there - from mild and fruity to painfully spicy. Ultimately, there is something for you.

The same is true with gin. While all gins share the same roots, getting their botanical flavour from juniper berries, there’s an enormous selection of brands with different characteristics to choose from.

In fact, gin has to be one of the more versatile spirits out there. You’ll find versions with flavours from citrus and lavender to coriander, lemongrass and other herbal notes. 

For its lack of sweetness, gin makes up for it with flexibility, mixing well into sweet or dry cocktails with fruit juices, bitters, and even other alcohols.



If you’re looking for new and fun ways to explore your taste in gin, try brewing up some recipes with some of these exciting combos:

Gin and prosecco: gin is a clean spirit that mixes very well with prosecco, making cocktails perfectly suited for summer months and celebrations. Look into this if you want to mix up a batch which simply screams that it’s time for an indulgent cocktail party.

Sloe gin cocktails: often seen as an autumnal tipple, sloe gin is flavoured and coloured with the juice of harvest-time berries. Use this spirit as a fine addition to hot toddies if you like, though it’s no less delicious when poured over ice.

Gin and vodka: a high-quality vodka shouldn’t add too much flavour on its own. Instead, vodka tends to take on the profile of its surrounding ingredients. As a result, it’s a great partner in cocktails with botanical-heavy and citrusy gins (although you can probably expect quite an alcoholic kick)!

Also worth trying, if you get the chance: gin and vermouth cocktails - such as the famed Martini and Negroni - gin and champagne or even a combination of gin and rum.



In the mood to whip up some gin cocktails on the quick? Check out these cocktail recipes using Funkin’s product range:

Long Island Iced Tea recipe

Long island iced tea

A well-known classic, being a powerful alcoholic get-together of gin, vodka, rum, tequila and triple sec, all topped off with sweet cola. This Funkin version uses our convenient ready-made Margarita Mixer to make the process easier!


Clementina Spritz recipe

Clementina spritz

One of Funkin’s very own creations, the Clementina Spritz blends gin with a delightful mix of lime, Aperol and our brand new Oleo Saccharum Syrup (which adds a faceful of zesty orange-citrus flavour to any cocktail).


Hemp Gin & Tonic recipe

Hemp Garden Gin and Tonic

One of our special twists on the classic Gin & Tonic, the ‘Hemp Garden G&T’ uses rhubarb gin with our own Hemp Cocktail Syrup to produce a truly unique cocktail flavour. The deal is sealed with a dash of lemon/lime juice and citrus garnish!


Hibiscus Martini recipe

Hibiscus Martini

A fruity and refreshing cocktail with a pink appearance that’s particularly pleasing on the eye. This recipe combines gin with our Hibiscus Syrup and Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer to create a tantalising, strong mix of sweet and sour.


Prickly Negroni recipe

Prickly Negroni

A cocktail devised by our very own Innovation Champion, Aiste! This is a fun and fruity twist on the classic Negroni, shaking things up with the flavours of our Prickly Pear Puree and Hemp Syrup.


Now you’re on your way to enjoying all the best that gin and gin cocktails have to offer! And that’s just a glimpse of what you can make. 

Start researching now and see what other delicious beverages you can concoct. Try gin & ginger ale or gin & coke, if you haven’t already. You can even add different soda waters or your own mix of herbs to bring out the best botanical flavour in your favourite gin brand.

Feel free to browse our full collection of cocktail ingredients and supplies for more inspiration. Or would you like to see more gin recipes & content from Funkin Cocktails? Let us know via our contact form.

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