FUNKIN COCKTAILS' Fruit Farm - the only farm in the UK to grow the rare Blue Raspberry - is opening its doors today from 8am to 12pm to pick your own blue raspberries for the very first time. 

Want to know more about this berry special ingredient? Watch the documentary below! 

Grown exclusively as the key ingredient in FUNKIN COCKTAILS’ Blue Raspberry Martini, the Blue Raspberry is different to your everyday fruit. It’s the only one in the world belonging to the GLUM (Growth Labour Under Melancholia) vegetation family, meaning they have a different growth cycle to traditional raspberries, and are instead known to thrive in colder, darker environments.

The farmers at FUNKIN Fruit Farm have been known to adopt alternative methods to ensure that each Blue Raspberry receives the individual love and care it requires to reach the optimum level of winter blues for a guaranteed bountiful crop.

These methods include Sally Rooney readings and serenading their seeds with sad girl pop music playlists including Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey; which are known to have an almost immediate

In addition to picking a punnet of Blue Raspberries, during your visit you will have the chance to learn about the unique growing process from the FUNKIN farmers themselves, explore the farm’s beautiful grounds, and finish off with a complimentary tasting of FUNKIN COCKTAILS’ new Blue Raspberry Martini.

Come and join us today to pick your very own!