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We love being creative with our cocktails here at Funkin. There’s nothing quite like creating a new taste sensation from a range of fruity ingredients. But, sometimes you just want to shake up something delicious in an instant, which is why we’ve compiled our list of simple cocktail recipes that you can make in a flash - the perfect pick me up after a long day at work.

These recipes are really quick and easy to mix together with what you have in your cupboard, plus a few simple additions you can either buy or make yourself.


Vodka Martini Recipe

The classic Vodka Martini is a mix of just two ingredients - vodka and dry vermouth. This well loved cocktail can be created easily and exactly how you prefer. You can shake it up in a cocktail shaker, or simply stir together (although traditionally a Martini is stirred and not shaken - don’t tell James Bond).

Vodka Martini Recipe



Classic Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Summer drinking is always about fruity creations, and the Daiquiri is one of those drinks that’s great for experimenting with new flavours. But, the classic daiquiri is a simple mix of rum, lime juice and sugar syrup - that’s it! Not only is this serve absolutely delicious on its own, it also makes the perfect base for your very own creations. Have some strawberries in the house? Pop them in. How about a squeeze of orange juice? Yes please! The possibilities are endless...

Classic Daiquiri Recipe



tequila sunrise cocktail

Fruity and fresh, nothing quite beats the taste of a Tequila Sunrise on a hot day. Plus, they’re really quick and easy to mix, giving you more time to sit back and relax. All you need to do is simply pour a shot (or a double) of tequila into a highball glass and fill with orange juice. To finish, simply float the grenadine on top. Voila!

Tequila Sunrise Recipe



White Russian Cocktail Recipe

Cream, coffee and vodka come together to create this super easy cocktail that tastes like it’s been crafted by an expert mixologist. If you have a sneaky little bit of chocolate in the house too, a little grating on top really makes this cocktail. For an even easier concoction why not try a Black Russian? Exactly the same recipe, just remove the cream!

White Russian Recipe



Mojito cocktail

A Mojito really is one of the classics. It’s mighty. It’s minty. It’s also super easy to make. Remember the Daiquiri, with its rum, lime and sugar syrup? If you want a Mojito, make a Daiquiri and add a generous amount of mint and top up with soda water. Yum!

Mojito Recipe


We’ve chosen the simplest cocktail recipes that require as few ingredients as possible, but if you don’t have some of the ingredients listed, don’t worry! Cocktails are all about being creative - and when you’re making them at home, there really are no rules. Don’t have any vodka? Add a splash of gin, rum or whatever else you have in the cupboard.

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