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987 reviews so far

Best mixture to use when making

Best mixture to use when making
Porn Star Martini cocktails. I have tried other
ones I.e mixtures but this...

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by Helena O'Connor 03/04/22

AMAZING Customer Service!!!

AMAZING customer service who are very friendly and prompt to get back to all my queries. The products are fantasti...

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by Joshua Richmond 03/04/22

Easy to use website

Easy to use website. Placed the order and the dispatch was incredibly fast, it arrived the next day. The customer ...

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by Aisha 03/03/22

Outstanding service & fast delivery…

Outstanding service & fast delivery every time. What more can you ask for?

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by Ian Dowdle 03/02/22

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Any Questions?
    • Is there a joining fee?

      Joining our Funkin cocktail subscription membership comes with no fee, you just pay for the boxes and nothing else.

    • What’s in the box?

      Our subscription boxes contain a selection of cocktails and/or ingredients (depending on which tier you choose), together with sweet or savoury snacks.

    • Do you ship internationally?

      We only ship to UK addresses (excluding the Channel Islands and Scottish Highlands). Unfortunately, we don’t offer delivery beyond the UK just yet.

    • Where's my box?

      If your order hasn’t arrived, check your emails (and your spam folder) to see if you’ve received a tracking number from Yodel — this should tell you where your order is.If you haven’t received a tracking code or something else is wrong, give us a shout at info@funkin.co.uk — and our subscription team will be on hand to make it right.

    • How do I amend my subscription?

      Simply login to your account, click the subscription tab, and amend any desired details.

    • Can I pause my subscription?

      To pause your subscription, simply log in to your account, click the subscription tab, choose ‘general’ and then click on the drop down that says ‘manage’ — you’ll then be given an option to pause your subscription. You will only be able to pause your subscription for one delivery period.

    • When do you take payment?

      For your first order, we’ll take the payment when you sign up and we accept your order. After that, payments will be taken no less than 3 days after you receive an email reminding you that your next box is due to be processed and shipped.

    • Which cards are accepted for payment?

      You can pay for your subscription with Visa, Mastercard, Shopify Pay, American Express and Paypal.

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